Master Michael D'Aloia has trained in the martial
arts for 30 years.  He holds a Bachelor's Degree
and Master's Degree from Rutgers University.   
He has embarked on numerous trips to the
Jungki Kwan in Daegu City, South Korea. He is a
student of Grandmaster Lim , Hyun Soo, 9th Dan
promoted by the Founder Choi, Yong Sool.  
Master D'Aloia currently holds a 7th dan in Jung
Ki Hapkido and a 4th Dan in Chung Suk Kuhapdo
(sword) from Grandmaster Lim. Master D'Aloia is
a seniorJung Ki Kwan master in the U.S.A.

Master D'Aloia's students who are actively training
and hold adult black belts in Jungki Hapkido are as

Roque Hagopian, 4th Dan
Carl Larson, 5th Dan
Timothy Birbiglia, 4th Dan, 3rd Dan Kuhapdo
Richard Nelson, Jr, 4th Dan
Joseph Zisa, 4th Dan
Carl Larson, Jr. 3rd Dan
James Moss, 4th Dan
Matthew Rumohr, 2nd Dan, 1st Dan Kuhapdo
Joseph Skaff, 2nd Dan
Keith Bailey, 2nd Dan
Katherine Benedict, 1st Dan
Ryan Brim, 1st Dan
Justin Gold, 1st Dan
Daniel Bailey, 1st Dan
Ronin Patel, 1st Dan
Sinjin Pak, 1st Dan
C.J. Roedel, 1st Dan
Brandon Kim, 1st Dan
Matthew Emeric, 1st Dan
Master Brian McCann, 2nd Dan