Affiliate School Membership:

This membership is open to black belt instructors, masters, and
school owners of any legitimate martial arts style or system
interested in Jungki Hapkido. This membership allows the facility
to be an authorized training center for the Jungki Hapkido system
and recognizes the instructor as an officially qualified Jungki
Hapkido instructor in training.
The instructor in training will be required to learn the Jungki
Hapkido requirements white through black belt in order to be a
fully chartered schoo
l in the association.   Instructors in training
will have the opportunity to visit any of the Jungki Hapkido masters
or certified instructors for lessons, classes, seminars, etc. to learn
the requirements.  For special seminars or private lessons contact
Master Mike D’Aloia (201) 320-4067 or Master Sheryl Glidden (207)
Upon learning the white through black belt requirements, the
instructor in training will be able to test for the first dan black belt.
Upon passing the examination (testing/certification fees apply), the
instructor in training will be considered a certified Jungki Hapkido
black belt instructor under a U.S. Jung Ki master and be eligible to
apply for charter school membership.

During the learning process, the Jung Ki masters will be able   
to test you and/or your students for rank.

Initial membership includes a set of DVDS from white to black belt.  
These videos are a basic guide to learning the techniques, but
does not replace the instruction of a certified Jungki Hapkido


•        Set of 3 Jungki Hapkido Video Requirements-                      
White to Black Belt
•        Association Patch
•        Affiliate School Membership Charter  
•        Opportunity to Host Jungki Hapkido Seminars


•        Return completed affiliate membership application .
•        Submit copy of current black belt certificate
•        First time Associate Charter dues: US $300.00
(Yearly renewal:  $100.00)  

Charter School Membership:


•        Authorizes certified instructor to test and promote students    
in Jungki Hapkido up to one rank below their current level.

•        Ability to purchase Jungki Hapkido student certificates for

•        Opportunity to host Jungki Hapkido Seminars

•       During the learning process, the Jung Ki masters will be able   
to test you and/or your students  for rank.


∙Must meet the affiliate membership requirements.
First time Charter Membership $200.00 (Yearly renewal: $100.00)

Jung Ki Kwan Logo

Once a member instructor reaches a 2nd dan in Jung Ki Hapkido, .  
the use of this logo on a member instructor's website/advertising
will be upon the recommendation of the Jung Ki master and
permission from the Jung Ki Kwan in Daegu City, South Korea.
Grandmaster Lim, Hyun Soo, 9th dan